Oct 28, 2010

Torch 9800: Vivid (hidden today)

Vivid (hidden today) is based on my original Vivid theme.  The only difference is that instead of the fixed today area on the home screen it has a hidden today area.

This is a Full theme.  Absolutely everything that is possible to be themed has been themed.  All icons, All images, Call screen, Text messaging chat screens, etc.

I wanted to get away from the basic mostly black and white look and feel of Blackberry OS6 and give something bright, bold and vibrant.  I hope you like it is much as I do.

Here's a quick walkthrough of some of the features starting with the Homescreen:
  • 4 custom icons across the bottom
  • A Hidden Today that will show up to 10 Calendar appointment and new Messages
  • When you scroll over the Hidden Today area you get a large shaded underlay under your whole Today area so no matter what wallpaper you are using you will never have any difficulty reading your appointments or new messages

At first glance the banner area is very minimalist, just the battery and signal meters and the time, but there is much more there than is first visible:
  • There are 2 hidden icons that instantly appear when you scroll up to your banner area
  • Hidden icons are:  Profiles and Weather
  • Select your battery meter to open Options
  • Select the time to open Clock/Alarm
  • Select your signal meter to open Manage Connections

In addition to the 9 homescreen applications already mentioned there is also 3 hotkeys:
  • Hit spacebar to open Messages
  • Hit $ to open Text Messages
  • Hit 0 (zero) to open Calculator
As you have already seen above Vivid uses my own custom designed icon set.  Here are some screen shots of the main All Applications screen and inside some of the folders so you can see the icons:

Next here is a few images of the call log and call screens (areas that most themes don't cover at all):

Next here is some images of the messaging list and a Text Messaging chat:

And now since I don't think I have posted quite enough screenshots yet  ;)  here is a couple more:

And finally here is the Download link:  Vivid (hidden today)

Note: because Theme Builder 6 does not currently properly support landscape mode (or the ability to disable it) it is highly recommended that you use an application to disable landscape mode.  The app that The Theme Zone recommends is Six Tools.  Click Here for a direct OTA link.


Anonymous said...

Hello: I like your themes for the Torch 9800, however, I have clicked on every link but I can never find the OTA for the theme??? Please help.

Anonymous said...

What the first person said! I'd like to give it a try but there's no link!

Anonymous said...

still waiting for the link

The Theme Zone said...

Link is working. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Hello thanks for the theme! I have a question, in OS6 the current date appears on the calendar icon. Yours does the same but the month is wrong (its showing aug) is there a way to change that? Also in landscape view the wallpaper doesn't extend to the end of the screen leaving a white space on the right side. And the icons cut off on the right side too.
Thanks again love the theme!

Anonymous said...

asme problem with all torch themes whic have larger icons than normal :/ problem with a tb6 :/ if anyone has a solution - reveal it :)

Anonymous said...

Just bought this from mobihand. Exactly what I was looking for! Thanks. Only comment is that the additional folder set (other folders apart from the four default ones) were not themed and are just the stock os6 ones. So any new folders created are 'bare-faced'. Any chance to include the coloured stars, bb icon and smiley on the other folders?

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