Oct 28, 2010

OS6 - Perfected (Torch & Storm)

OS6 - Perfected is what I feel the default Torch OS6 theme should have been.

I started with the oversized banner. First I thinned it down to a more reasonable size, next I rearranged the items and added a percentage meter to the battery. Next I added 3 separate links for Options, Clock and Connnections instead of having them lumped all together like it was. I kept profiles the same, but made hitting the notification area go straight to messages rather than opening a dropdown that you need to click a second time to open your messages. I kept the usefull Universal Search icon. Note: This a true OS6 Universal Search icon, not the old legacy search icon that all other themes are using (Torch only, Storm has a user selectable icon instead).

Next I did away with the annoying tabs and replaced them with one dock showing your top 5 applications. I then added the ability to easily hide and unhide that dock to keep your homescreen uncluttered and your wallpaper visible (Simply click or touch the down arrow above the icons to hide the dock, and click or touch the up arrow at the bottom of the screen to unhide it).

  • Click on the battery meter to open Options
  • Click on the signal meter to open Manage Connections
  • Click on the time to open Clock/Alarm
  • Dedicated Profiles icon
  • Universal Search icon (Torch only - Storm has a user selectable icon instead)
  • Click on the notification area to open Messages
  • 5 user selectable icons at the bottom
  • Click the area right above the bottom icons to hide them
  • Click the bottom area of the screen to reshow the icons
  • All icons and theme elements are in custom created official OS6 style
  • Press Spacebar to open Messages (Torch only)
  • Press 0 to open Calculator (Torch only)
  • Press $ to open Text Messages (Torch only)

Download Link: OS6 - Perfected
Note for Torch users: Because landscape mode is not currently supported by RIM in the Beta theme builder it is recommended that you use an app to disable landscape mode.  Some apps that do this are: QuickLaunch, TiltLock, and my favourite and the one I recommend Six Tools


Mick said...

This is the best theme for a 9800 IMO having now tried a few. Donation on its way. Is there any chance you could do the same for a 9780 which is in desperate need of the same improvements? Thanks, Mick

Anonymous said...

Does this work for 9700?

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