Dec 15, 2010

Torch 9800: OWNED

For OWNED we started with the Original torch theme icons and layout and then made lots of improvements. First we added a Weather slot. Then we simplified it by making it have No tabs. We then added Extras like the ability to hide the banner background. And then made just one hidable Dock with 12 icons.

Original + Weather + No tabs + Extras + Dock = OWNED


• Weather slot near the top right
• Shaded Banner background can be hidden or shown (For some wallpapers you will want it for others you won't, this is the only theme that easily allows you to turn it on or off)
• Percentage battery meter
• Select your unread indicator area to open Messages
• Top banner area is made up of 3 selectable buttons:
1. select left side (battery area) to open Options
2. select centre (clock area) to open Clock/Alarm
3. select right side (signal area) to open Manage Connections
• There are 3 quick key shortcuts:
1. press 0 to open Calculator
2. press the spacebar to open Messages
3. press $ to open Text Messages
• Bottom dock showing your top 12 applications
• Click or Touch anywhere in the centre area to hide your 12 icons
• Click or Touch anywhere on the centre or bottom of the screen to re-show your icons
• Full Trackpad And Touchscreen support

Screen shots:

Download link:  OWNED

Dec 7, 2010

Free for the Torch 9800: Stock with no tabs no shading on banner and added weather slot

For this theme the name kind of says it all: It uses almost all of the stock elements but removes the tabs, removes the shading on the banner and adds a weather slot

  • Touch/Click on the centre of the top banner for Clock
  • Touch/Click on the left of the top banner for Options
  • Touch/Click on the right of the top banner for Manage Connections
  • Touch/Click on the notification area for Messages
  • 4 User defined icons at the bottom
  • Weather slot under the Universal Search icon (Weather set to be the 5th icon from your main all applications list)

FREE download link: Stock with no tabs no shading on banner and added weather slot

Torch 9800: iPhone6

iPhone6 is what you get when you take the sleek visual styling of an iPhone and combine it with the enhanced functionality of Blackberry OS6...

Everything has been themed to match the iPhone styling. From the WiFi signal meter to the grey pinstriped background on the options screens to the notification icons, etc, Everything.

  • 65 custom iPhone style icons
  • Literally hundreds of other custom theme elements all matching the same iPhone styling
  • Blackberry OS6 style layout for full tab and notification area support

Download Link:  iPhone6