Jul 10, 2011

Torch 9800: OS7+ Deluxe - Simple. Powerful. Intuitive.

**Upgraded to version 1.1**

OS7+ Deluxe

Simple. Powerful. Intuitive.

OS7+ Deluxe is the best, most user-friendly, theme ever designed for the Torch. 

It uses the new OS7 icons but also uses custom matching OS7 inspired theme elements throughout.  From the signal meters to the phone screen icons and everything in between, this is a complete theme, not just a homescreen replacement.

OS7+ Deluxe uses the familiar default torch theme layout appearance, but does away the unpopular tabbed design.  Instead it uses a custom new layout freshly designed to be the most powerful and easy to use ever.

Simply scroll up from anywhere and your top Options bar instantly appears, you don't even need to click on anything. (or alternately you can simply touch anywhere in the top third of the screen to have your Options bar appear)

Included in the Options bar is:
-Manage Connections
-Universal Search

When you are done with the Options bar simply scroll downwards and it instantly dissapears. (Or if you prefer simply hit the escape button. Or simply touch anywhere in the centre area of the screen)

Across the bottom you have 2 custom docks: Main & Media

The Main dock shows your top 5 applications.

The Media dock shows your 5 main media apps, which are:
Video Camera

To switch between your 2 docks you simply touch either side where it says Media & Main.  These touch areas are made nice and big and are on both sides so whether you are left or right handed they are perfectly ergonomically placed to make it nice and easy to use with your thumbs.

Also OS7+ Deluxe works perfectly in Portrait or landscape mode.

There are also 3 handy shortcuts included:
Press Spacebar to open Messages
Press 0 to open Calculator
Press $ to open Text Messages

Also if you want to hide your bottom dock simply touch the down arrow above the dock and it dissappears.  To re-show it simply touch the bottom area of the screen or hit escape.

To make this theme absolutely as quick and easy to use as possible hitting Escape at any point will return you to your main screen. ie, Top bar hidden & Main bottom dock shown.

OS7+ Deluxe will be the last theme you will ever need.


Download Link:  OS7+ Deluxe