Oct 23, 2010

Torch 9800: Wallpaper popup *VARIATIONS*

This posting is for variations on my Wallpaper Popup theme that I have done by request.  For the original theme click HERE.

My first variation was PINK  <----click there to download

  • Pink & purple colours used thoughout (dialogs, highlights, buttons, etc)
  • Tiny fonts
Homescreen screenshot:

The second variation was ALL USER SELECTABLE  <----click there to download

  • All 16 icons in all 3 popups are user selectable
  • Landscape mode shows Messages instead of Calendar

The 3rd variation was RED  <----click there to download

  • All Red throughout (Buttons, Highlights, etc)
  • Hit any of the edges to hide the popups (or you can still hit escape as well)

The 4th variation is CUSTOM BOTTOM   <----click there to download

  • The bottom popup has been changed to: Text, BBM, Facebook, Twitter
  • All 3 popups were changed to a light black colour
  • Unread alerts were moved to the top

5th variation is ALL SELECTABLE LIGHT BLACK   <-----click there to download

  • All 16 icons in all 3 popups are user selectable
  • Popup backgrounds are an almost clear black colour

All themes are completely free but if you like them please consider donating  :)


akbarmecha said...

Real cool...offers actual functional utility rather than a 'variation' that other themes offer, would you please make a variation of this theme with light black pop ups and all 16 icons user selectable..would really appreciate it..thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Bravo! Liked it before but absolutely LOVE it now. Thank you!

HUghes boutin said...

Have the original wallpaper and I am trying to get the 5th variation but it gives me a 404 error, link not working.


I am also getting a 404 error when trying to access variation # 5 ..please help I have to have this theme!!

Anonymous said...

Awh.. Please fix the links! I really want this theme.

HUghes Boutin said...

Been trying for a while now with out success. Maybe this theme is for sale.....? Let us know please

Anonymous said...

purchased the original wallpaper popup theme and love it,tried to get the pink version,but the link is broken.please fix it,I love pink and really would like to get that one as well.thanks,Cheryl

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