Oct 26, 2010

Torch 9800: Wallpaper Max

Wallpaper Max is The best theme there is for being able to view your wallpaper. However it is not just about your wallpaper as you can Easily open 36! different applications right from your homescreen. Wallpaper Max also gives you a full 12 line today area!

  • To start off you have a completely bare homescreen, nothing but a very minimalist banner area. Great for viewing your wallpapers.
  • But then simply touch anywhere on the screen and you get your top 30 applications. Also your wallpaper gets greyed out so you can see your icons better.
  • There are 3 hidden banner area buttons:
  • Click the battery for Options
  • Click the time for Clock/Alarm
  • Click the signal meter for Manage Connections
  • Also there are 3 hotkey application links:
  • Press Spacebar for Messages
  • Press 0 for Calculator
  • Press $ for Text Messages
  • Also when you rotate your phone to the left or right you get a second today style homescreen with room for 2 new messages and 10 calendar appointments.

Download Link:  Wallpaper Max


jim said...

It looks great, but the download link appears to be broken.

Anonymous said...

The download links are broken, not just for this one. Can you please fix them? :)

Anonymous said...

broken link! :(

The Theme Zone said...

Link is working

jay miles said...

awesome, exactly the minimalist theme I was looking for & the panes are removed


The only change I would add is the ability to tab through the main screen options without screen touching

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