Nov 6, 2010

Torch 9800: Vivid - OS6


This theme is based on my very popular Vivid series. The only difference is that this one is for those that prefer the new Blackberry OS6 style of themes with the sliding tabs.

This is not just another homescreen replacement like almost all themes out there, nor is it just a homescreen with a few extra added elements. This is a Full theme. Absolutely everything that is possible to be themed has been themed. All icons, All images, Call screen, Text messaging chat screens, etc

  • All custom Vivid style icons.
  • Everything has been themed in the matching Vivid style. From the call streen to the BBM chats to the unread alerts icons. Everything.


Vivid - OS6


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this theme. I have bought others but keep coming back to this. Can't recommend it enough. Only thing I would add is a version without the tabs, and 'correct' the calendar by showing only the date. The icons r great

Anonymous said...

Hi, same guy as above! Now that the new phones will be available soon, any chance of seeing the same icon set and full theme features you did for this for OS7?

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