Nov 22, 2010

Torch 9800: iNspired

iNspired is not just another iPhone clone. That has been done many times before, and if you wanted something exactly the same as an iPhone you would just get an iPhone.

No, instead of just trying to copy the iPhone, iNspired improves upon the look and functionality of it.

  • All custom icon set inspired by the iPhone
  • EVERYTHING has been themed. All screens, all boxes, all popups, etc.
  • Full touchscreen And Trackpad support (most torch themes lack this).

  • Your main 4 icons are shown at the bottom. To show 16 more you simply scroll up or touch anywhere in the middle area.
  • To hide those 16 icons simply scroll back down or hit escape.

There are 5 icons in the top banner:
  • Profiles
  • Options (click on the Battery)
  • Clock/Alarm (click on the Time)
  • Manage Connections (click on the Signal Meter)
  • Universal Search (this is a Real OS6 Universal Search icon, not the old search icon all the other themes have)
There is also 3 quickkeys:
  • Hit 0 for Calculator
  • Hit Space for Messages
  • Hit $ for Text Messages
Screen Shots:

Download link:  iNspired

It is highly recommended that users use an application to lock their homescreen in portrait mode.  There are many apps to do this, but The Theme Zone reccommends the Free app: Six Tools.  Direct download link:


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