Nov 25, 2010

Torch 9800: T+

The T+ series was designed to give you a very simple and user friendly Today style homescreen while focusing on the theme being as functional, feature packed and efficient as possible.
There are 2 versions:
•Messages & Calendar
•Calendar Only


Top area has 4 large buttons:
•Profiles icon
•Click on the time to open Clock
•Click on the carrier/date to open Connection Manager
•Click on the battery/signal meters to open Options
(Custom battery meter also shows battery percentage)

•Bottom area has your top 5 icons

•There are 3 quick key shortcuts as well:
•Press Spacebar to open Messages
•Press 0 to open Calculator
•Press $ to open Text Messages
•Full Trackpad support. Not just touchscreen like most Torch themes

CalendarOnly version:
•Calendar Today area showing your 10 upcoming appointments

MessagesAndCalendar version:
•Calendar Today area showing your 7 upcoming appointments
•Messages Today area showing your 2 new messages


Messages And Calendar homescreen:

Calendar Only homescreen:

Download link: T+
It is highly recommended that users use an application to lock their homescreen in portrait mode.  There are many apps to do this, but The Theme Zone reccommends the Free app: Six Tools.  Direct download link:


DLN said...

Just bought this and it's cool! but i'd pay for another one if you guys take away the space bar function. So I can use shortcut me for this theme!

Anonymous said...

Love this theme but really would like to see fix to landscape view in locked mode (many other themers have gotten around this problem).

Also agree with removing keyboard shortcuts, especially spacebar.

This would be best today theme with these fixes!

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