Mar 11, 2009

Bold Theme: Weather + 3

This is the third of my set of 5 Weather themes:
The icon in the top right will be whatever application you have as the first item on your main application list. I intended that you use it for your weather app, but of course you can use it for whatever application you want.
As I did in many of my other themes I used my own custom Battery and Signal meters. They are the blue bars accros the very top of the screen. The left half is Battery, right half is Signal. Each little section is 10%.
Here are some screenshots, click on them to see them full size.


Download the theme file below. Unzip it and use Blackberry Desktop Manager to install it.


Anonymous said...

This theme is great, any chance you could update it use the features with OS 5.0, I love the fade in and out in Deluxe Bold?

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