Mar 7, 2009

Basic Today (8900, 9630, 9700)

Cost: Free as always, but if you like my work please consider making a donation so I can continue making themes.

Supported Device(s): Curve 8900, Tour 9630, Bold 9700

Theme Description:  Here is my first theme for the 8900, 9630, 9700. Just a basic today theme. The first version has 2 lines for Messages and 3 lines for Calendar appts.

By request I just created a second version that has 2 lines for messages, 2 lines for appts and also shows the Application Name on the homescreen (see the 3rd screenshot).

*Click on the pics below to see them full size.

Download link for Desktop Install: Basic Today

Download link for Desktop Install: Basic today (with Application Name)

Dowload link for OTA Install: Basic Today (with Application Name)

For installation instructions see the link at the very top of this page.

If you appreciate my work and would like to support me so I can continue to create themes please consider making a donation by clicking on the Donate button on the right. Thank you very much! ANY amount at all is a Huge help and is greatly appreciated.


Anonymous said...

First of all i am AMAZINGLY THANKFUL that you created the Basic Today and w/ Application Theme. It's what i have been looking for for WEEKS!

HOWEVER, I downloaded the zip files, unzipped, and tried to install them via desktop manager but i got this error:

"No Additional Applications designed for your device were found"

Please let me know what should be done, I'm dying for this theme!

Stefan said...

Can you please change the letters under Messages and calnder a little bit smaller?

Kind regards


Anonymous said...

hi, this is a gorgeous theme! I was wondering if it would work on an 8300 series blackberry.

Anonymous said...

I love your themes, they are fun and innovative. I like the weather plus the best. Alas, they cause my 8900 to freeze up regularly (whenever I add a new app that requires a reboot), and I have to spend an hour or so reinstalling the OS, apps and data. So, I have had to stop using them for a while.

Anonymous said...

Excellent theme.

Have the same request, can you make the font size for message and calendar items to the same size as the Date, Messages title.

Also have a bug when using Bluetooth. Two Bluetooth symbols appear in the Home Screen. Will there be a fix for this?

Anonymous said...

Great theme.

Any chance of creating the same theme with only calendar? (no messages)

Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

Great theme and its very kind of you to share them with us!!!

Could you offer the basic one without the messages, i only need the calendar?

thanks in advance

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great effort!! Could you create a the same with SMS isntead of messages? Your work is really appreciated.. Thanks in advance

Eric Crist said...

Could you release this as JADs for us Mac users? If you need a place to host them, I can offer that. Macs don't have support for Desktop Manager.

Anonymous said...

Your themes are awesome!


Eric Crist said...


How do you keep the unique icons per folder in this theme? I've been trying to accomplish this with my own theme for quite some time. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

using this one on my 8900 and its my favourite. but i also have a bold at work. can you make this theme for the bold??

thx & greetz from germany

TudorM said...

Thanks for your great effort !!
When you have the time, please make a Basic Today without Messages, just with Calendar.
Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Hi i'm using the first version of the basic today and it is amazing! Thank you very much.
It just has a small bug, with the bluetooth turned on, whenever I go to the complete menu and turn back to today screen it duplicates the bluetooth icon on the left and right side.

Daniel said...

Great Theme!
Could you please release a theme in this fine, simple style with an placeholder for weatherinformation in one of the topcorners?

Again: Great work!

Phil said...

Hi mate,
Awesome job! I'm on a mac and cant get it through the desktop manager. Any chance you would mind emailing me this hot theme....pls?

Phil said...

do you do OTA downloads?

Anonymous said...

I download as instructed and when I open the file in my app loader it tells me that no applications for my device are found. Any ideas?

chillinn said...

Anonymous: Browse for it when instead of letting the app loader search for it

THEME CREATOR: any way you could use the NON-color icons (silver icons)? thanks! fantastic work!

Anonymous said...

Very nice theme, been looking high and wide for one like this. One thing, could I propose a variation to this theme with the following changes: (1) light yellow "Messages" and "Calendar" headings, (2) slightly smaller fonts for the entries (3 each) and (3) remove the dock at the bottom to gain more screen real-estate. It would be heavenly theme


CJ said...

Hi, Love the Basic Today w/App name.

Would you be making another simple App that would have the Calendar and weather only, without the messages area? I use my 8900 icons for multiple email boxes and get so many emails that the message area in the basic today isn't needed. Need more calendar listings instead since I can't remember squat.

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

I downloaded the basic theme w/application and I go through steps 1-7 but when I select the name I get the following error "No applications designed for your device was found". Any idea what this means? Thanks.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the today profile, ive been hoping to get this since i got my awesome 9300,

i clicked on every single ad link i could find and even had a bit of a nose around each one to ensure they paid you.

repect dude, thanks for the effort..

Anonymous said...

I appreciate this theme as it was not part of the new phone when I upgraded from a Pearl to the Curve. I clicked on the sponsor links as you have requested. I will be adding your site to my favorites as I am hoping to see if an update will be posted that allows the SMS messages to be what reflects on the Message menu vs the email messages.
Thanks again!

Bob said...

I downloaded the Basic with Application Name and it is just what I wanted. There is a small bug. At times the Bluetooth icon is on the right, at others it is on the left and the right and then it disappears from the left again. Nothing major.

Ventz Petkov said...

This is a great theme, but there is one thing that frustrates me a lot. During a phone call, I can't see the date. I have to go to the home screen (where the icons are), and that doesn't display it, so you have to go one even further back.

Is it possible to just add the date to the same screen (bottom where the time is maybe) during a phone call?

Anonymous said...

nice themes, could you please created double dock only without messages and calendar

b said...

Needed to comment, great theme! As others have mentioned wanting to have SMS and MMS in the 'messages' instead of email. You can do this by combining both email and mms/sms into the same inbox.

Combine email messages with mms/sms
1. click the messages on the main screen
2. options/ general options/
3. select sms and email inboxes
4. switch from separate/theme controlled, to COMBINE!


bam. you can thank FreeBBT for filling me in on this.

bobB said...

Hi There,

im not sure if this is something you would be up for doing... but would you be interested in making a very tiny tiny little modification to your basic today theme in exchange for a say £5/$8 (by paypal if poss).

its a tiny change: just need to change the new BBM post icon to a plain little white blob /circle instead of the current little blue white one. what do you think???

really hope you can help :)

bobB said...

sorry, please email me on that address if your up for it.

many thanks

bobB said...

dude, upping my offer to 20 bucks..

any interest?

Anonymous said...

Any chance of one with a Phone Log as well?

Anonymous said...

i downloaded this theme and LOVED it,
but is there ANY possible way to change the menue background to what the home screen background is? =(

ghz said...

hi. this theme is great. so simple and powerful. however, is it possible to ask for some modifications or could you share the editable theme with us? (i'd make some modifications to the fonts in use due to some international character issues and might hide the message pane in the today area.)

ALXfly said...

Just wondering if anyone is having the same problem as me. When i install and activate the theme, the only items in the calender are birthdays. I've tried adding new tasks, but none of them appear, only birthdays.

The Theme Zone said...


Only your default calendar will show up on your today area. To set what Calendar you want to show up select:
Options>Advanced Options>Default Services>Calendar (CICAL):

Anonymous said...

Excellent excellent work!

Could you please create another variation which only shows 3 to 5 Calender entries only (without messages) + Show Application Name?

Would me much much appreciated!

Mike said...

I admire your work and your themes are awesome, but I was wandering if you could create a theme that is just like Today Basic, no effects when scrolling on the icons, but with a top icon for weather app. Just if it would be possible, of course. Today Basic is genius anywayz.

Michael said...

hey, thank you for the great theme, but i think i have a small problem. i upgraded my 8900 to OS and the thing is that it doesn't show me the new message i recieved on the messages part of the today theme. just the red dot in the corner of the envelope and that's it.. i liked the fact that it showed me the first words and the person i got the message from. any help?

Mary said...

I'm having the same issue as Michael from February 1st. Any updates?

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