Mar 6, 2009

Bold Theme: DL

For this theme I used my custom Battery and Signal meters from my Pro 1.3 theme. They are the blue bars across the top (Battery is left, Signal is right).

The 4 smaller icons on the left are not user changable, but the 6 larger icons on the bottom are.

As you can see in the screenshots, when you scroll over Calendar or Messages your upcoming appointments or messages will appear.

*Click on the pics below to see them fullsize.

Download the theme file below. Unzip it and use Blackberry Desktop Manager to install it.



Anonymous said...


Thank you for the work you did on this theme. I really like it because it is clean and inessnce gives me 11 icons on my hom,e page (albeit only 6 of my choosing, but the 5 set ones are ones I would normally want in any event.)

I also like that fact that my calendar and new messages are only displaed if I roll over the respective icons. I often take out my bold and set it on the conference table during meetings, and I don't like other today themes that constantly display personal info on the screen.

I also like the larger font - I'm an old man and even with glasses fonts below 9 pts are hard to read on the Bold's screen.

My only disapoitment is the size of the battery indicator bar. I have an Otterbox on my Bold so the very top edge of screen is obscured when the Bold is held at a 45% or greater angle because of the protruding lip on the Otterbox. If the top indicator bar was just twice its size it would work perfectly.

Thanks again. It is a great theme.

Erica said...

Hi Dylan,

I love this DL theme but I can't get it to download to my phone. Can you help me it? If so, please contact me at Thanks!!

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