Mar 6, 2009

Bold Theme: Today Clear 15

I called it "Clear" because my goal was to make something that was very clean and clear. It is probably too plain for most people, but I like it. And the "15" is because there are links for 15 apps on the Today screen. And no unfortunately there is no way to change those icons.

*Click on the pics below to see them fullsize.

Download the theme file below. Unzip it and using Desktop Manager

Today clear 15


Anonymous said...

I love this theme, is it possible for you to change the "highlighter" from violet to black?


Eric said...

Is there a way to change what apps are on the front page? (I'm a BB newbie, and yours is the first theme I've downloaded.)

Pieter Paul said...

Great theme Dylan!

It shows everything and is nice and clean.

Is it possible to change the menu items shown at the bottom of the main/starting screen??

And when I want to go back to the main/starting screen it takes a while, do you know why this happens?


ciao Pieter

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