Dec 4, 2009

Neo-Dimension Plus (8900, 9600, 9700)

Theme Name: Neo-Dimension Plus
Cost: Free as always

Supported Device(s): Curve 8900, Tour 9600, Bold 9700

Theme Description: This theme is based on my Neo-Dimension Today for the 9700 and Neo-Dimension Plus for the 9000. Here are the theme highlights:

•Custom icons based on the Dimension themes

•8 user changable applications across the bottom of the homescreen (the first 8 icons from your main application list)

•A dedicated slot in the top left for your weather application (set to be your 9th icon from your main application list)

•Select the battery meter to open your Options application (see screenshots)

•Select the time to open your Clock application (see screenshots)

•Select the the signal meter to open your Manage Connections (see screenshots)

•Profiles icon in the top right

•A hidden today area that will show your 9 new messages or 9 upcoming appointments when Messages or Calendar are highlighted

•Weather icon will also display on your lockscreen

•Fade effect when opening/closing any window (5.0 version only)

•Menus slide out from the left and slide back to the right (5.0 version only)

Theme Screenshots (click on pics to see them full size):

**A note on the above screenshot: This is from version 4.6. Version 5.0 has individual folder icons**

Download link (OTA): Neo-Dimension Plus 5.0 **Use this version for 8900, 9600, 9700 running software version 5.0

Download link (OTA): Neo-Dimension Plus 4.6 / 4.7 **Use this version for Curve 8900 or Tour 9630 running software version 4.6 or 4.7

If you appreciate my work and would like to support me so I can continue to create themes please consider making a donation.


Anonymous said...

Love your themes. This one is great as well. Would you consider one change? Make it a hidden dock version?
Thanks for your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have a problem with a MMS message sticking on the main screen - I've read the message and even deleted all from my MMS inbox but they still show on the main screen...

Anonymous said...

A good enhancedment'd be showing the date on the home screen over or under the time.
I'd prefer the "under the time" option as the standard and if you move your cursor it changes to the hovered button name, e.g. messages.
Right now I have to click somewhere again to see the date in another menu.

Anonymous said...

Hi, You have got a nice creative mind.... but all these themes have ".jad" files bu the ".alx" is not there on these downloads. blackberry does not detects .jad files. Can you please help me with this.....?? i would really appreciate if you can advise me how to find out the .alx files for these these or how to insall it with .jad files. You can drop your advise anytime @ Thankyou very much in advance for your help.

The Theme Zone said...

For installation instructions see the link at the very top of this page.

Anonymous said...

Love this theme had it on the bold.Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the earlier statement, that it would be awesome to have the theme also available via ".alx" or zip. Otherwise you are excluding all those that do not have unlimited data plans or who are in areas where 3G and/or EDGE are not available. It would be much easier for me to download the file with my broadband internet, than to hope that I can download it Over The Air over the course of half an hour...only to have the connection be disrupted by an incoming phone call or such.

The Theme Zone said...


wow, you would "hope" that you could download it OTA over "half an hour"?

Who is your carrier? You should be able to download it in 1 minute.

Anyways whenever I post zip files my themes get stolen and posted on other sites. For example Softpedia waits for me to post a zip and then they steal my themes and repost them on their site. For proof here is a link to 39 themes they have stolen from me:

So because of Softpedia and all of the other theiving sites like them I can no longer post zip files.

Anonymous said...

link appears to be broken to load to 4.6 9000

Anonymous said...

Hey themezone guy! I effing love this theme. It contains everything I value in a theme. Lots of home screen for full on wallpaper-palooza. The minimalist nature of the top banner kicks more ass than something else that kicks alot of ass. And dude, the today screen. Most people jam 6 in and call it a day. But 9? HELL. YES. Functionality of the banner icons? Jesus Christ, does the awesome ever stop? This theme couldnt rock more if Gene Simmons rode to my house on an armed grizzly bear and told me where to download it. Let me say, i clicked your ads about 10 times, and will continue to do so for as long as i am sober if you made 2 small changes. I need the date on the home screen. Under the battery meter in the banner would be epic. The other is those transitions. I know, i know, everyone is doing transitions because you can now. Yours are nice, don't get me wrong, but transitions as a concept can suck my balls. I really like my screens to just pop. I hit my menu and BAM! instant change over. Thats how i like to roll. So tell me, how many clicks would it take to get those two things done? While it is in fact true that sober hours are in the minority, I will click till my finger rebels. Whadda ya say? I'm on the 8900 rockin the Ima upgrade to .509 soon, i dunno if that matters. you can hit me here, or dm me. @chaz0717

The Theme Zone said...


Yes I could make those changes. Let me see what I can do...

The Theme Zone said...

@Anonymous (@chaz0717?)

Here you go, I made those changes you requested:

Anonymous said...

You effing rock dude. Ima dl this nao. heres a few more clicks. @chaz0717

Anonymous said...

The links time out on me :( Anyone else getting through? Or is it a known issue?

Mike T said...

I would like to be able to push this out via our BES server - and without the .zip files we cannot. Can any point me in the direction on where I could get the zip file for this app? It would be greatly appreciated.

Luis Alejandro said...

hey! brilliant theme would love to have it on my 8520, what are the possibilities for that?

Anonymous said...

THis is my FAVORITE theme! Just thought you should know. I always go back to this one!

Anonymous said...

how do i install it?


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