Mar 14, 2010

iNspired (9000)

Theme Name: iNspired

Supported Device(s): Bold 9000 (OS 5.0)

Theme Highlights:
  • All custom application icons inspired by the iPhone icons, including custom icons for Facebook, YouTube, eBay and unread alerts icons 
  • 5 application links in the banner:
  1. Click on the custom made Battery meter to open up Options
  2. Click on the Time to open up your Clock/Alarm
  3. Click on the custom made Signal meter to open up Manage Connections
  4. Dedicated slot for your Weather app (set to be the 7th app from your main app list)
  5. Dedicated slot for Profiles (set to be the 8th app from your main app list)
  • Scroll right from Messages to access the Hidden BBM icon
  • The Spacebar opens up Messages
  • The number key "#" open up calculator
  • Zoom in/out transitions when opening/closing applications
  • Menus slide out from and back into the right side of the screen
  • See the screenshots below for lots more details
Theme Screenshots (click on pics to see them full size):

Download link (OTA):  This theme is the old version, click here for the new improved version


Anonymous said...

help!!! i really want this theme but i cant download it because of error gateway timeout! also tried on another device with different provider and same problem...

Anonymous said...

how and where is d/l link?

Anonymous said...

I am getting error as well trying to install the app once I d/l via ota, 907 bb error code

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