Dec 3, 2009

3 Scroll themes: Scroll Today, Scroll Calendar & Scroll Plus (8900, 9600, 9700)

Name: Scroll Today, Scroll Calendar & Scroll Plus

Cost: Free as always.

Supported Device(s): Curve 8900, Tour 9600, Bold 9700   ***Software version 5.0 only***

Description:  All three of these themes feature:
  • Scrolling dock with your 10 first applications
  • Fade effect when transitioning between screens
  • Menus will slide out from the right and slide back to the left
  • Homescreen bottom banner
  • Fonts and wallpaper are user changeable
Scroll Today
  • Homescreen Messages icon showing your 2 new messages
  • Homescreen Calendar icon showing your 5 upcoming appointments
  • A shaded underlay will appear under your Calendar and Messages area when you put your cursor over top of them so your can read your email/appointments better
Scroll Calendar
  • Homescreen Calendar icon showing your 8 upcoming appointments
  • A shaded underlay will appear under your Calendar area when you put your cursor over top of it so your can read your appointments better
Scroll Plus
  • Hidden today area that will show a selectable preview of your 9 new messages or 9 upcoming appointments when you put your cursor over Messages or Calendar and will dissapear when you are on any other icon
Theme Screenshots (click on pics to see them full size):

Scroll Today Homescreen:

Scroll Calendar Homescreen:

Scroll Plus Homescreen:

Other Screenshots:

Download link (OTA): Scroll Today

Download link (OTA): Scroll Calendar

Download link (OTA): Scroll Plus
If you appreciate my work and would like to support me so I can continue to create themes please consider making a donation.


Kien said...

Tks, this is what exact what I was looking for. Thanks a lot

Anonymous said...

This is awesome but is there a way to put the phone data / banner at the top instead of the bottom?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How do you change the font size on the scroll today theme for the msg/cal lines?

Anonymous said...


I'd also like to know how to move the phone data/banner back to the top?

Anonymous said...

These themes look great, but I get an error 502 when I try to DL any of them....

Adan Salazar said...

The Best Theme !!!!!

Congratulations !!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I download a lot of themes, most are played with for a day or two then deleted.

Why ? Well none of them are able to compete with Scroll Plus. It is simply the best theme that I have found for my needs.

If there were a wish list I can only think of improving it two ways.

1/. A link for your sound profiles on the home screen.

2/. A scrolling dock giving you 18 - 20 icons either as it is or vertically.

Until you or someone else comes up with those options I can't see me changing to anything else.

Great Job !

Alicia said...

OMG!!!!! thank you for this! I love precision icons, but I also like having my appts/today events available all the time...I mean keeping me organized is one of the reasons I chose BB, so the today plus feature is important to me. If I may offer suggestions for future updates.

1.Hotkeys for SMS/MMS, QL and music would be soooooo awesome.
2.Outline the today font in black so that it will be visible with light walls even when not selected.
3.Profile on home screen.

Thanks again....this is my new main theme. I hope to see updates from you soon. Will donate in a couple weeks:)

Studio KTL said...

I love this theme, but I found it to be rather slow/lags.

Anonymous said...

i have a 8900 with os 5.
still i downloaded the theme, it installs at applications, but adds no theme under the theme.

what am i doing wrong?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I tried to download the scroll calendar, but this link appears broken... please send me the ZIP file.


Anonymous said...

It was working Friday. My friend wants it so it would be good if you could fix the link.


Jennie said...

Where do you go to get this link I can't seem to find the download

Anonymous said...

Can you make a U Theme with the Precision Icons? Thanks.

Tim Norris said...

Can't download "Today" OTA?

evan said...

Hi, I'm very amazed by your works, I see the screen shots and I'm very appreciate your works. Can I get the zip file? the link was broke, please send the zip file to my email address:


Anonymous said...

Hi there. I am very intereted in the "Scroll Plus" theme. Your file host seemed to dislike your work! Please send me a updated link or send the zip file to:


Anonymous said...

I loved the scroll today theme. but had to reset my bberry and now cannot download again.

Can you please post again.

Anonymous said...

hi, I also love your scroll today link.
can you send me a working download link to

thank you!

Anand Ramesh said...


I like your themes. Can you please update the links.

Mike said...

could you please send the files to this email adress: thank you, the OTA links are all down..

Anonymous said...

Hi, I love your scroll today and the scroll calendar theme.

Can you send me a working download link to

Thank you!

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