Oct 4, 2009

Bold 9000: Neo-Dimension (Today)

This is the first of 2 themes in the Neo-Dimension series. The second is Neo-Dimension (Plus).

Neo-Dimension (today) features:
  • Custom icons based on the Dimension themes
  • 7 user changable applications across the bottom of the homescreen (the first 7 icons from your main application list)
  • A dedicated slot in the top left for your weather application (set to be your 8th icon from your main application list)
  • Select the battery meter to open your Options application (see screenshots)
  • Select the time to open your Clock application (see screenshots)
  • Select the the signal meter to open your Manage Connections (see screenshots)
  • Profiles icon in the top right
  • Messages icon showing your 2 new messages
  • Calendar icon showing your 4 upcoming appointments
  • Weather icon will also display on your lockscreen (see screenshots)
Here are some screenshots. Click on them to see them full size:

Download the theme file below.

OTA Install: Neo-Dimension (Today)

For installation instructions see the links at the very top of this page.


SA_BH said...

Awesome theme..keep up the good work. Looks really cool on my bold. thanks a lot ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks great. Thanks for designing and sharing with us.

zaxxon said...

Thanks for sharing this great looking theme!
Is there any chance to shrink the install size? 1.1MB feels like a lot of memory...

Free BBT said...


This is a very complex theme. With 8 user changeable homescreen icons, 1 fixed icon, 2 today icons, and 3 hidden icons, plus it has all custom fonts, all custom dialog boxes, all custom phone receiver icons, all custom Everything really.

Honestly I am surprised I was able to keep it down to only 1.1MB.

But the important thing is that despite the size it still runs very fast and responsive with no slowdowns at all.

BigB said...

sweet theme

works great

Its causing a memory leak on OS

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the wonderful free theme. Is there anyway to display the type of network being used.. i.e 3G,EDGE,GPRS....

Anonymous said...

I am getting an error when trying to download from x10hosting. Is this available anywhere else?

Anonymous said...

i am getting the same thing. this is not good. this was my favorite theme and had to wipe my device today and now its gone.. oh NO!

Anonymous said...

Any chance of getting this on the 8900/9700?

Anonymous said...

Great app...but font is too small on BB 9000. Any change in the works?

Simon said...

I'm having a problem with this theme (and the precision plus) rendering webpages using blackberry browser. I get text and images from previous webpages appearing as I scroll down a page. It is particularly bad when I use the space bar to scroll. I don't get the problem with the Deluxe or Coquette redux themes.

Would be great to fix this as this is my favourite theme


Simon said...

Oops I didn't mean that I also had the problem with precision plus - i mean't i had it with neo-dimension plus

Anonymous said...

anyone pls help me with my bb 8900..i just bought n i totally dont know how to use it..wat a shame on me......i feel not worth it to purchase that bb...pls email me if anyone can guide me...tq


Free Blackberry Themes said...

Thank you for sharing

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