Oct 8, 2009

Bold 9000: Coquette Redux

This theme is called Coquette Redux because it is losely based on my original Today Coquette Blue theme.  However aside from about half of the icons being the same these themes are actually very different.

Some of the features of Coquette Redux are:
  • Dedicated Weather slot in the top left (set as the 7th icon from your applications screen).
  • Weather icon is also viewable on the lock screen (see screenshot).
  • There are 3 hidden applications across the top: Select your battery meter to open up your Options application (see screenshot).
  • Select the time to open up your clock application (see screenshot).
  • Select your signal meter to open up your Manage Connections application (see screenshot).
  • Profiles icon in top right.
  • Today area showing your 2 new messages and 2 upcoming appointments.
  • 6 user changable icons across the bottom (set as your first row of icons from your application screen).
  • Brand new custom icon set with many improvements over my old coquette icon set. 
Here are some screenshots. Click on them to see them full size:

Download the theme file below.

OTA Install: Coquette Redux

For installation instructions see the links at the very top of this page.


Anonymous said...

Excelent theme!!...Congrats...My comment for this theme to be perfect is to set the date main screen when the phone is blocked... Keep doing a terrific job..

nn said...

The downloadlink is suspended!

Anonymous said...

Awesobe theme! Any chance to post a link for desktop install? I cannot do the OTA due to security policy on my BB.

Annabel said...

Is this theme available for the Torch 9800?

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