Sep 16, 2009

Bold: Sublime

I put a lot of work into Sublime, I hope you like it. Please let me know in the comments section below.

A few notes on Sublime:
  • The 6 icons across the bottom of your homescreen are the first 6 icons from your main applications screen
  • The icon in the top left is the seventh from your app screen.
  • The top left is intended to be for your weather app (and because of the exact layout used it will work best with WeatherEye. If you don't use WeatherEye you can download it for free directly to your BB at the following link:
  • Selecting your Battery icon will open your Options application (as shown in the screenshot below)
  • Selecting the time will open your Clock application (see screenshot)
  • Selecting your Signal meter will open Manage Connections (see screenshot)
  • Your top left icon (7th icon) will also be shown on your lock screen
Without further ado here are some screenshots, click on them to see them full size.
Download the theme file below.

Desktop Install:  Sublime

OTA Install:  Sublime

For installation instructions see the very bottom of this page.


Emily said...

Great looking theme! Any chance I could get it to run on my 8900?

michelle said...

Wow this looks awesome!!!
i second emily....i've been looking for a theme exactly like this for my curve 8900!!!
Hopefully it comes soon :)

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