Sep 15, 2009

Bold: Stock Weather Plus

For Stock Weather Plus I stuck to the stock look as much as possible, but also added a few very useful enhancements:

•The icon in the top left is your 7th icon from your main applications screen and is intended to be used for your Weather app.
•If you select the Time/Date area it will open your Clock.
•There is a hidden today area that will popup and show your 5 upcoming appointments and 5 new messages.

Here are some screenshots. Click on them to see them full size:

Download the theme file below.

OTA Install: Stock Weather Plus

For installation instructions see the very bottom of this page.


Anonymous said...

This is a great theme, my favorite to date. I have one problem with it though. It does not show all of the notification icons.

For example, I have an email count, I get a txt, and I get a BBM. The BBM notification will not be shown on the main screen, just the email and txt.

Can this be changed to show all of the notification icons?

I was going to switch to just "Weather Plus", but that doesn't show the full date on the home screen . . . .

Anonymous said...

This is my all time favorite theme!!!!!!!!! I will always have this on my 9000. I have played with your other themes, but this is the shiznit for me and most people i share it with.

cricolo said...

is this theme free or payment?

The Theme Lab said...



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