May 31, 2011

OS7+ Default

***Now upgraded to version 2.0***

OS7+ Default starts with the new and improved Blackberry OS 7 icons and then adds custom matching theme elements for every other part of the theme (Custom battery and signal meters, icon folders, popup boxes, menus, folders, phone icons, etc...)

The homescreen uses the default OS6/OS7 theme, and in addition to the enhancements mentioned above also has a reduced size banner area.

Features:• Blackberry OS 7 icons
• Custom everything to match the OS 7.0 style


OS7+ Default


Anonymous said...

make this one for the curve 8330

Anonymous said...

Universal search is somehow disabled eventhough it is enabled.
U can't see the nbr u are dialing from Home Screen
Some fonts show blank or white, example in the Facebook drop down menue list.

Pls fix asap with thanks.

Anonymous said...

nice themes

Anonymous said...

very nice

Anonymous said...

Is it impossible to fix the searching tool??? I purchased this theme on mobihand a week ago but i miss the searching tool. Otherwise is great.
Just noticed another comment from last june, and it's still d same? Please upgrade an i promise to do a donation, cause this is just the them i want on my torch.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dylan,

I love this theme but the search icon doesn't work (on the top banner)....Could this be fixed up? I'll pay for it again if needed be!

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