Jan 9, 2011

Torch 9800: iPhowned

Click on the image above to see it full size

iPho•ne icons and styling
W•eather slot
N•o tabs
E•xtras - like hidable banner shading & quick keys to launch Messages, Calculator & SMS
D•ock - Special dock that changes from 4 to 16 icons with a touch or a click

•Full Trackpad & Touchscreen support. NOT touchscreen only•

Other theme highlights:

There are 5 applications in the top banner area:
•Profiles in the top left
•Signal meter opens Manage Connections
•Time opens Clock/Alarm
•Battery opens Options
•Unread icon area opens Messages

Depending on your wallpaper and personal preference you can hide or show the top banner shading:
•Alt-P (top left corner) to hide the banner shading
•Alt-Q (top right corner) to show the banner shading

This theme is designed to work only in portrait mode and will not work in landscape mode. For that reason an application to lock your homescreen in portrait mode is included bundled with this theme for Free.

Dock features:
•The dock shows your top 4 icons
•Click or Touch anywhere in the middle and your 4 icons will jump up and you will then be given your top 16 icons
•Touch any empty area on your screen or hit Escape and your dock will return to your top 4 icons

There are 3 hotkeys:
•Press Spacebar to open Messages
•Press 0 to open Calulator
•Press $ to open Text Messaging

Download Link:  iPhowned

Jan 5, 2011

Torch 9800: Omega

Omega has tons of extra features, much more than you see at first glance. Be sure to read all the notes below to see it all.


•Full trackpad & touchscreen support

•5 user selectable icons across the bottom

•10 calendar entries are displayed in the middle of your screen

•Shading area behind your calendar can be shown or hidden based on your wallpaper or personal preference so you will never have any issues reading your appointments (top corners of your keyboard control turning the shading on & off: Alt-Q to show shading, Alt-P to hide shading)

•Click on or touch your unread alert icons to open Messages

•Click on or touch the top banner area to display a unique top bar with 5 icons:
  ••Universal Search
  ••Manage Connections

•Simply scroll down Or hit escape to re-hide your top bar and icons

•Press the spacebar to open Messages

•Press 0 to open Calculator

•Press $ to open Text Messages

•Custom signal meter

•Custom battery meter that displays your remaining battery percentage

 Homescreen (with No calendar shading)

Homescreen with icons showing on top (WITH calendar shading showing)
Download link:  Omega
Because of a temporary glitch with the beta version of Theme Builder landscape mode is not currently supported.  A free upgrade will be provided once RIM updates Theme Builder.  In the meantime it is highly recommended that users use an application to lock their homescreen in portrait mode.  There are many apps to do this, but The Theme Zone recommends the Free app: Six Tools.  Direct download link:  http://wap.shao-soft.com/shao/SixTools.jad