Sep 29, 2010

Torch 9800: Classic +

Theme Name:  Classic +

Cost: Free as always, but if you like my work please consider making a donation so I can continue making themes.

Supported Device(s):  Torch 9800

Theme Description:   I am not a fan of the overly busy standard Torch theme so for this one I made something more in the classic blackberry style but still with lots of features and extras. 

Highlights include:
  • 8 user selectable bottom icons in the "double dock" style 
  • 2 user selectable Mini icons up top (intended for Profiles and Weather, but can be used for whatever you want)
  • Click on the battery meter to open Options
  • Click on the signal meter to open Manage Connections
  • Click on the time to open Clock/Alarm
Also 3 hotkeys:
  • The spacebar will open Messages
  • 0 (zero) will open the Calculator
  • $ will open Text Messages
So that is a total of 16 items that can opened right from your home screen.  Or simply hit the menu key to be brought to the classic All Applications screen. 

*Note: because of limitations of the Beta version of theme builder, landscape mode is not supported in this theme.  This theme will be updated once theme builder is updated.

Theme Screenshots (click on pics to see them full size):

Download link (OTA):  Classic +

If you appreciate my work and would like to support me so I can continue to create themes please consider making a donation by clicking on the Donate button on the right (through PayPal or Credit Card) Thank you very much! ANY amount at all is a Huge help and is greatly appreciated.


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URL for OTA ist not working

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the web site do not exist!!!!! to download!!!!

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