Nov 25, 2009

Deluxe (Bold 9000)

Theme Name: Deluxe

Cost: Free as always, but if you like my work please consider making a donation so I can continue making themes.

Supported Device(s): Bold 9000  Running OS 5.0   **Edit: OS 4.6 version just added**

Theme Description: This is the first theme I have designed exclusively for the new 5.0 software and I put a lot of work into it I hope you like it. Here are some of the highlights:
  • Custom Battery and signal meters, as you can see in the screenshots they are both made up of 10 blue ovals.  Each oval represents 10% of Signal reception or Battery power remaining.  When your Battery or Signal gets low the meters will turn yellow and then red.  Also when your Blackberry is plugged in your Battery meter will turn green.
  • For the layout of the homescreen, as you can see, there is a today area which will show your 2 new messages and 4 upcoming appointments, across the bottom there is a fixed icon at each side (Profiles and Lock) and 5 user selectable icons in the middle.
  • But in addition to those 9 visible icons there is also another 5 hidden application icons:
  • Across the very top of your homescreen the battery meter is selectable to open your Options, the time is selectable to open your Clock and the signal meter is selectable to open Manage Connections.
  • Down the right hand side there are the remaining 2 hidden icons. They will slide out when you scroll over them, they are Blackberry Messenger (You can also access this one by scrolling right from messages) and Calculator (You can also access this by scrolling right from Calendar).
  • When you access the menu in any application it will slide out from the left and when you exit the menu it will slide down out of sight (5.0 Version Only).
  • Moving into and out of any application or between screens happens with a zooming in and out effect (5.0 Version only). 
  • I put a lot of work into creating all of the Application icons and Folder icons (also the wallpaper, dialog boxes, highlight ribbons, and everything else in this theme), please let me know what you think about them in the comments section below.
Theme Screenshots (click on pics to see them full size):

Download link (OTA): Deluxe (OS 5.0)  Use this if your Bold 9000 is running software version 5.0

Download link (OTA): Deluxe (OS 4.6) Use this if your Bold 9000 is running software version 4.6 *Note this version has some differences and limitations vs. the 5.0 version, so when you upgrade your BB to 5.0 it is recommended that you return here and switch to the OS 5.0 version of Deluxe*

For download instructions please see the very top of this page.

If you appreciate my work and would like to support me so I can continue to create themes please consider making a donation by clicking on the Donate button on the right (through PayPal or Credit Card)

Thank you very much! ANY amount at all is a Huge help and is greatly appreciated.


BigB said...

Love the theme

Will it work on a 9700 or could you make one for the 9700 ?

Also, instead of the calculator, can we have the static weather icon (I use Berry Weather) in its place ?


Anonymous said...

This theme completely kicks azz, I've been very afraid to try any themes using and so far, very stable, no glitches and what fantastic fade ins/fade outs you've designed. Very impressive. Your attention to the smallest of details, coupled with the necessities of blackberry use is outstanding...

Cool Breeze said...

I really like the look of this theme at least from what I see here. I have a Bold 9700. I tried to DL this to my handset yesterday but it didnt install. Is it compatible with the 9700? If not, any chance it could be adapted to work? Like those large-ish icons... old timer here.. hate carrying the specs everywhere!

Anonymous said...

Very very Good, I have been looking for a good OS v5.0 theme and it seems I have found one, keep up the good work.

P.S I needed a battery pull on my device before I could get this theme to work well.

Anonymous said...

I love this theme! consider making it for the curve 8900? I am a avid supporter of your work! i'll click the hell out of those ads lol

Anonymous said...

Very cool theme. Love it! Anyone knows if it is possible to not have the 2 new messages shown on the homescreen. And is it possible to change the Blackberry Messenger to something else? Good work.

Anonymous said...

Deluxe Plus Theme? Anyone? I love your themes man, I have been using a few of them on different blackberries. I have been passing them on to my friends and coworkers as well.

Anonymous said...

None of these theme links work. Each time I click on the OTA link, I get error 504.

Are these still even being hosted?

kerstyn said...

yeah same problem here :(

Anonymous said...

Great theme! Wish we had a static icon for weather on the locked screen. I miss that feature.

Tiga said...

Works awesomely great, thanks a lot!
OTA works, also without battery pull...
Only disadvantage: we're not allowed for BBMessenger, can I change this (hidden) Icon to something else like my own messenger?

Joe said...

This is by far the best theme I have seen for the Bold. I have been to almost every theme site on the net, and have not seen a theme this good. It is crisp and fast, and you can rally see how it utilizes the 5.0 effects. Thanks

Anonymous said...

This is a great theme, and really brings the phone to life.
I only have one slight criticism though, the icon for the calender, is there any way to change it for a generic calender shot, instead of the preset one showing "August 2nd" all the time?
Kudos for all of your excellent work.

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